On January 23, 2018 is the very first Health Café of House of Rebels! This event takes place in the Integral Medical Center, from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM in Amsterdam! The Health Café is made possible by Mesology (the professional association for Mesologists, NVVM) and Vitals. Do you want to know more about this day? Keep on reading!



The number of people with an allergy is increasing every year, especially amongst young children*. There may be several reasons for this. A number of important reasons are that there are more and more substances that can trigger an allergic reaction. Our environment is more hygienic, more antibiotics are used and we move less. Fortunately, there are also a lot of ways to deal with an allergy or even stop it. This is why House of Rebels organizes this day so that we can learn more about it!



Health expert Han Siem (pharmacist and specialized in complementary medicines) gave an interesting presentation in the theme of “allergy”. By means of presentations you can discover what Mesology and Vitals can mean for you, your readers and possibly your children. After the presentation there is plenty of opportunity to ask questions. You can also get acquainted with Vitals products and the low-threshold and painless research method of Mesology.


Mesology is a healing method in which regular Western medical knowledge is combined with knowledge from traditional medicine. Think of Ayurveda, Homeopathy and Traditional Chinese Medicine. The purpose of Mesology is to detect and counter often chronic, usually unexplained, complaints. This is done by looking at disturbances (dysfunctions) throughout the body. Vitals specializes in high-quality dietary supplements with natural ingredients to support complementary medicine. Vitals also advises healthcare professionals about the dosage, efficacy and absorption of its products to become or remain healthy naturally.


* University of Wageningen, 2011