A new year, new opportunities and perhaps a lot of New Years resolutions! Whether it’s eating healthier food, doing more exercise, or visiting your grandmother more often, we all know that we almost never stick to our resolutions. The first month of 2018 is almost over, so it’s time for an evaluation regarding the resolutions! House of Rebels represents two beautiful brands that can help you with your goals regarding your health.



Being and staying healthy is an important goal for many people. When thinking of New Years resolutions, getting a fit and a being healthy is often a priority. Vitals is a client of House of Rebels and stands for staying healthy in a natural way with the help of supplements. FytoSlank is one of their products, which stimulates fat burning in a natural way. A tool to help you with certain resolutions for 2018!



Many of the New Years resolutions are in relation to health. The Dutch Society for Mesology (NVVM) is a professional organization for qualified mesologists and also a client of House of Rebels! Mesology is a healing method in which regular Western medical knowledge is combined with knowledge from traditional medicine. Think, for example, of Ayurveda, Homeopathy and Traditional Chinese Medicine. This combination of different medicine brings insight into one’s total functioning. The aim of Mesology is to detect and combat chronic complaints by looking at disturbances (dysfunctions) throughout the body. Mesology thus goes beyond symptom management and not only looks at the problem itself, but also at everything that may have led to it. Every person and every problem is unique, and therefore requires a unique treatment.


It is easy to lose sight of your goal. Do not get frustrated and do not set the bar too high, this way you can stick to your resolutions longer. But beware, it must remain fun, because 2018 has a lot of promises. Do you want to know more about Vitals or Mesology? Here you can find more information about Vitals or read more about Mesology here!