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Which communication strategy works for your brand, product or service efficiently and effectively? And how can you communicate with your target audience in the most effective and eye-catching way? House of Rebels is happy to advise you concerning your marketing and communication strategies and can also organize the operational parts. We think differently and revolt to be noticed.


We are the agency for marketing communication projects because we act effectively and think different. Custom made is a standard procedure for us so your brand and product will stand out! Your targets and wishes are our command.


We create an effective and efficient marketing, communication and PR plan with the objective of a tangible result within a short period.


Being creative is not a hobby. It is a way of life!

Based on your objectives we create a communication plan, design various campaigns, PR and communication events, propose potential partnerships and manage the social media channels and your website. We quickly come to an adequate advice and a communication plan that includes strategy, creation and implementation. A concrete plan from A to Z to achieve the desired result and to excel!


Testimonial Present Company BV

“In the past years we have regularly worked with the Rebels. My personal experience has been very positive: The rebels know better than anyone else how to perfectly balance creativity and technical / financial feasibility. They also work extremely professional and they know what they are talking about. Outstanding professionals!”  Nanne Tj. Geertsma, Owner Present Company BV


Testimonial kunstenaar The Shellman

“This is not a standard communication agency. The rebels are personal and professional at the same time. For example, when we decided to promote my workshops they decided themselves first experience a workshop themselves, so they knew exactly what they promote. That gave me a good feeling. When certain communication is no longer necessary, they will adapt their strategy and often without asking come back with a series of new ideas and possibilities. I am very happy with them.”  Niels van Alphen – owner Shellman

Communication activities House of Rebels


Crossmedia concept

An all-round communication plan specific for your brand, product or new introduction for an increase in brand awareness.


Free publicity (PR) and Media buying

Generating free publicity and giving advice on the key on- and offline media channels where your product is optimal visible to the target group.



One of our communication tools is our newsletter, which we develop for various customers. With a current opening ratio of around 50% and a high click through rate we get a lot of positive feedback from our clients who see the desired results immediately after sending. A very effective marketing communication tool that instantly creates new leads! With newsletters of restaurants for example we see a direct in increase in reservations. A very interesting tool for your company to create extra leads, orders or reservations? Get your message across and reach your potential client in an effective way.
It looks very professional, you can see who actually opened your email and which links this person clicks and thus where his / her interests lie. By using this mailchimp system your newsletters are becoming more effective and will always generate more leads and orders in your case. The email system is free of charge and we can arrange the content, layout and sending it out for you. A very effective marketing communication tool!


Communication Interim assignment

Need for temporary support on a marketing communication project within your organization? House of Rebels can also be employed for a certain period or project..

House of Rebels understands what the right communication can do for your company and brand and focusses on a tangible result within a short period!


Imagine, be creative and stand out!


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