Insights | The power of Micro-influencers 

Nowadays, social influencers are a part of everyday life, we literally see them everywhere. They are the most active on social media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat. Some of them have millions of followers. These kind of influencers are useful of course, but there is a lot of cost involved and besides, how many followers are actually acitve? Micro-influencers offer a good solution that should not be underestimated.


Differences between micro and macro influencers

Microinfluencers may have fewer followers or reach than macroinfluencers, but often have more interaction and relationships with their followers. This ensures you to reach the target group that you actually want to reach. For example, take a baby product that you send to a mommyblogger that has a lot of interaction with her followers. She will give an honest opinion about the product, which her followers will belive. When a larger mommyblogger reviews a similar product, it is often seen as a collaboration that is done for money (which is moslty true). She will generate less credibility for the product.


Something for you?

Do you not no much about social media or how to use influencers? We rebels would like to help! As a professional PR and marketing acengy, we know all the ins and outs about social media, and how to put your product/brand in the spotlight. If you want to reach the right target group and create more awareness for your brand, then you are in the right place. We will search for a suitable micro-influencer that fits with your brand/product, and hope to create a sucessful collaboration.


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