Insights | How to optimize your website

Besides PR and Marketing, we also offer support in the field of social media and websites. We helped NONIQUE, one of our clients, to optimize their website. We did this by getting the look and feel of the brand to fit with the target group and making the content on the website SEO-written.


NONIQUE is a trendy, fun vegan skincare brand. The packaging of their products are totally in line with their concept and target group. Their website was just missing a few things. It used to look pharmaceutical which does not fit with their target audience. We at House of Rebels noticed this and helped them fix it!

Website optimization

First of all, we adjusted all the web texts of the website to make sure the content was SEO. This makes sure the website is easy to find on Google. Then we looked at the appearance of the website. It did not fit well with the target group and was not that user-friendly. We solved this by giving the website a younger, modern look and adjusting the layout to make sure everything is easier to find. Now, the NONIQUE website looks clean and young, which is exactly what the brand wanted. We also helped NONIQUE with their social media. The social media accounts looked too much like their old website and therefore needed to fit with their new one. Now, the Instagram looks like their new website and has a clean and young look and feel.

More help?

Do you have the same problem as NONIQUE and could you also use some support in the field of SEO, website optimization and/or social media? Of course we would love to help you with this, so feel more than welcome to contact us!