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Marketing by House of Rebels


Which marketing mix works efficiently and effectively for your brand, product or service? And which marketing campaign is the most results-oriented and eye-catching for you?


Our Marketing REBELS would gladly advise you on your marketing- and communication strategy and can also arrange the operational marketing for you. Surprising your target audience is the key to our success, so we can get your brand, product or service noticed in the crowded world of on- and offline communication.


Being creative is not a hobby. It’s a way of life!


Based on your objectives we create a strategic plan, plan of action and we design various campaigns, events, promotional activities, propose potential partnerships and manage the social media channels and your website. We quickly come to an adequate advice and a marketing plan that includes strategy, creation and implementation. A specific plan from A to Z to achieve the desired result and to excel!

Marketing activities House of Rebels


Strategic marketing- and communication plan

The Marketing REBELS create a strategy depending on your goals on how your image, brand or product can stand out. After that we set up a specific plan from A to Z, that consists of creation as well as implementation to reach the desired results. An all-round communication plan specifically made for your brand, product or service for an optimal brand experience.


Marketing events

An event is an effective way to build relationships with your target audience. By creating a unique experience surrounding your brand, product or service, the attendees will commit to you. Eventually this will lead to your target audience talking or writing about your brand, product or service. It is important that your event is surprising and creative, but also effective and in line with the total marketing and communication plan. This is one of the strong points of the Marketing REBELS!


We like to think about the concept and program of the event, and we can also take care of the execution. Think about finding and decorating a matching location, setting up the guest list and sending out invites and taking care of the catering and/or sponsors. Besides that House of Rebels will make sure your event runs smoothly. Click here for the Body Shop event as an example.


Social Media

Being present on social media offers a lot of opportunities and advantages. You can’t manage to keep it up in a professional way, or is social media just not your thing?


Our Social REBELS know exactly how to effectively and efficiently use these tools for your brand! Besides the fact that nowadays no company can go without an online presence, social media is an easy and interesting way to interact with your target audience. And all that in a relatively simple and cheap way!


PR/Free publicity and media buying

The power of free publicity (PR) is huge! What we hear from an authority in a particular area often has more value than an advertisement. With PR it’s all about bringing interesting news and having the relevant contacts in the right media. Due to years of experience House of Rebels has in the lifestyle industry, we built a valuable and extensive press network and we know the leading journalists. We know how to bring news in the right way and create news value in order for your company, brand, product or service to stand out in the relevant media titles.


Content marketing – blogs & newsletter

Content marketing is all about creating relevant content for your target audience. By strategically using their wishes and needs, you attract new customers and keep your current customers happy. But which marketing content matches your target audience? And what are you planning to reach with this? House of Rebels would like to answer these questions for you. By really delving into your brand, service or product we think of content that really matches your marketing strategy. After that we create unique, out-of-the-box content that highlights your story.


House of Rebels can assist you in writing blogs that match your brand, product or service. Choosing the right subjects and the right tone of voice are crucial to speak to your target audience and convince them.


Another marketing tool we use on a regular basis for several clients is the newsletter. A professional and interesting newsletter has a high opening ratio that leads to the desired response! Restaurant Het Bosch received a lot of reservations after sending their first newsletter. Do you also want extra leads, orders or reservations? House of Rebels can create the content, lay-out and send it out for you. A very effective marketing communication tool!


Marketing Interim assignments

Need for temporary support on a marketing project within your organization? House of Rebels can also be employed for a certain period or project.

House of Rebels knows what good marketing strategy has to offer for your company and brand and focusses on a tangible result within a short period!


Imagine, be creative and stand out!


House of Rebels Marketing activities:


  • Strategic marketing plan
  • PR/Free publicity
  • Media buying
  • Celebrity endorsement
  • Marketing collaborations
  • Joint promotions
  • Reader giveaways
  • CRM/Newsletter
  • Social Media
  • Social activation
  • Events
  • Store openings
  • Shopper activation
  • In store animations
  • Marketing interim assignments

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