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D-Toxd is a retreat in Spain and their goal is to make sure you get the most out of your stay. Whatever you do, D-Toxd offers the perfect balance to keep you busy and at the same time give you the rest and relaxation you need. During your stay at D-Toxd you can choose from different programs. Based on your input they will create a personal program for you that you will receive upon arrival. Whilst you stay in the D-Toxd resort you can work on the goals that you have made for yourself.


The journey already begins before you get on the plane. For them a health-retreat is more than just a 7-day stay. It’s a lifelong experience that starts before you arrive. The whole D-Toxd team is very experienced in all of the programs they have put together – they have based these programs on their own personal experience! D-Toxd knows how to tackle different challenges and their personal expertise makes sure that they can support you throughout your journey.


It’s actually very simple – take care of your body, feed your spirit and love your life! At D-Toxd they make complicated things easy and give you the freedom and fun back, which you may miss in your life right now.

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