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Organizational information DIY Soap

DIY Soap was founded in 2015 by Erica Linger. It originated from the idea that skincare can be way more fair and transparent. She became convinced of this because of her daughter, who has very sensitive and dry skin. The time consuming process to collect the right ingredients en measures brought her to an idea. Offering the right ingredients in the right amounts, so the only thing you have to do is finish the product at home. Besides paying attention to the right ingredients en packaging, DIY Soap also pays attention to the people behind the product.


By offering DIY packages, the brand responds to the growing need of more transparency in the cosmetic branch. With DIY Soap the founder Erica Linger responds to two important trends: the growing popularity of the DIY-principal and the growing demand for natural skincare. The products from DIY Soap are 100% natural, vegan, biological and also easy and quick to make at home. It’s natural, fresh & fun!


The product range of DIY Soap

The DIY product range contains oils, body scrubs and body creams with ingredients such as coconut oil, lavender and shea butter. You can put together the best products by yourself with help from Erica. Besides that you can come to the store with your empty jar and buy refill products!


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More information

On the 5th of April 2017 DIY Soap opened their first store in the Van Woustraat 48 in Amsterdam. You can buy products in the store or you can take a look on the website for the nearest selling points.


What role does House of Rebels play?

House of Rebels supports DIY Soap with PR to create more brand awareness. By drawing attention in a proactive and reactive way to our on- and offline network, we create more brand awareness and publications.



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