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The innovative, Swedish beauty specialist FOREO has launched the new ESPADA in June 2017. The ESPADA is a powerful weapon in the fight against acne. FOREO is a brand that offers tools to make life prettier and their mission is to help you be more confident. FOREO tries to make a standard high-end beauty and wellness solution for a larger public than ever before. One of these solutions is the ESPADA.



The ESPADA is a tool for light therapy with professional quality but to use at home. This weapon in the category skincare offers the solution for people with acne. Worldwide more then 650 million people are struggling with acne! FOREO promises that by using the ESPADA, we can save thousands of euros. With the ESPADA expensive blue light treatments aren’t necessary anymore. We can treat ourselves at home now for only a fraction of the price, thanks to FOREO.


A clear skin

The ESPADA is examined clinical to show the world that it’s more then just an acne treatment. 100% of the subjects had an extra clear skin after using the ESPADA. After only four weeks of using the ESPADA, 90% of the subjects had healthier skin. A new skin with matching confidence, all because of this secret weapon!


What role does Hoes of Rebels play?

House of Rebels takes care of the PR for the ESPADA from FOREO. By a reactive and proactive way of approach we draw attention for the ESPADA through press releases, press shipments, desk visits and press notes. This way we generate more visibility and brand awareness in The Netherlands.


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