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In 1987 Thomas Haase founded Laverana and introduced the brand lavera. Laverana is derived from the word ‘verum’, Latin for ‘the truth’. In 1988, Klara Ahlers opened the world’s first specialty store for natural cosmetics in Göttingen, Germany. They have been working on the development of the natural cosmetics market since then.


Laverana GmbH & Co.KG has been manufacturing natural cosmetics for more than 25 years that meet the highest standards for certified natural cosmetics. Each product is developed, produced and shipped worldwide to around 40 countries. lavera is the Laverana brand that stands for certified natural cosmetics.


The main goal of lavera is to produce real natural cosmetics, which are natural, skin-friendly and effective. lavera is against animal testing and guarantees the safety and efficacy demonstrated by research in voluntary subjects. lavera is also free of chemicals, silicones, petroleum-based oils, aluminum salts and micro plastic particles. The innovative formulas of lavera’s natural cosmetic products are 100% suitable for the whole family.

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House of Rebels takes care of the full PR for lavera. By a reactive and proactive way of approach we draw attention to lavera through press releases, press shipments, desk visits and press notes. This way we generate more visibility and brand awareness. Are you curious about lavera? Take a look at our publications below.

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