Libeert - House of Rebels

Organizational information

 Libeert is a family business, established in 1923,  where the fourth generation currently runs the company .This generation has allowed a fresh wind to blow through the Belgian family business since 2013. Libeert is market leader in hollow figures, but they want to expand their production and expertise in Europe. Quality is very important to Libeert. The Family Recipe stands for trust and respect in all areas; the values, employees, business integrity and customers. This Easter will be even more fun – whether you’re still doing the Easter egg hunt or you just likes to give something away – Libeert wants to come with irresistible and humorous chocolate eggs.  The Eggspressions are available in four different prints. Each print is based on an emoticon, with a choice of heart eyes, a big smile, a music listening egg and the egg that has tears in his eyes with laughter. A nice fact: The two most used emoticons are the eyes as hearts and the one with tears of laughter. Which are you looking for this Easter?

What role does House of Rebels have?

House of Rebels supports Libeert with the launch of the Eggspressions in the Netherlands. This means that House of Rebels does the PR for Libeert. This is done in a reactive and also active way by means of press consignments, press briefs, desk visits and press releases. Are you curious about our services, click here for more information!