Nederlandse vereniging voor mesologie

Organizational information Nederlandse Vereniging Voor Mesologie

The Dutch Society for Mesology (NVVM) is a professional organization for Mesologists. Mesology is a concept of medicine where regular knowledge is effectively integrated with knowledge from the complementary (alternative) medicine in diagnostics and treatment of mainly chronic disorders. This is also the method for treating the patient and the healing power of the organism.  Mesology uses different research methods, for example:

  •  Electro Physiological Diagnostics (EFD). The EFD measurement card points on the skin, these are on the feet and feet. Each point is in direct relation with an organ or an organ. The EFD provides an overall picture of human functioning. In case of functional disorders in a decrepit decision of the set value of the normal value. This is therefore possible.
  • Oriental Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda. The philosophy, wrist, tongue diagnosis and supply tools are mainly used for this.
  • Regular Medicine
  • Psychology and philosophy.

The aim of the association is:

  • The goal of the development and application of mesology in the Netherlands·
  • Achieving recognition and protection of the profession mesologist
  • The protection of the interests of its members
  • Supervising the quality of the subject of mesology as practiced by its members.

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