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Organizational information Pilot

Pilot is a Japanese writing-material manufacturer. With 100 years of experience in the development of pens, the company climbed up to the 2nd place of the world. Under the motto #happywriting Pilot teaches the world to enjoy writing, drawing and scribbling. That’s why they developed a pen that suits everyone. The main theme of Pilot? Innovation! Their research has already yielded new liquid inks, gel inks and the popular Frixion technology. In addition, Pilot is fully committed to environmental conservation by manufacturing pens from recycled plastic. #Happywriting for a #happyplanet!


This year, Pilot celebrated its 100th birthday. Because its not every day that you become 100 years old, the well-known pen manufacturer decided to pull out all the stops with the ‘Pilot by Mika’ collection. A series of classics in a new jacket, and these are created by pop idol Mika. Since he was young, Mika has been a real fan of Pilot. Therefore he is very proud to work on this project. Under the motto: for the 100th birthday it should be extra special.


Pilot stands for ‘happy writing’. That meaning: enjoy writing, drawing and scribbling. For this reason the manufacturer developed a pen that suits everybody. From classic ballpoint pens to fountain pens, there is something for everyone. The best pens from these different categories were used for the anniversary collection.


Thursday, March 1, 2018 was national compliment day. Because of this compliment-day, a giant Pilot Wall was stationed at various train stations in the Netherlands. Everybody who passed by this wall could write a compliment on it. You also received nice cards and a pilot pen, which you could send to someone afterwards.

Pilot will continue to develop their products in the future, both at the level of environmental conservation, quality and comfort!

What role does House of Rebels have?

For the ‘Pilot by Mika’ collection, we from House of Rebels organised a special birthday press package. Some of our good press contact received a birthday present with some of the best Pilot pens.