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Bring healthy food to life everyday

Being aware of what you eat is a real trend nowadays! From superfood to vegan products you can see it appearing more and more on the market. Pulsin fits perfectly with this growing trend of naturally consuming consumers. Pulsin offers a wide range of healthy, vegan, sugar-free, gluten-free, dairy-free and soy-free products for the modern needs of consumers.



The product range of Pulsin consists of various bars such as the Raw Choc Brownie, Protein Boosters or the Fruity Oat Bar. The bars come in many different flavors such as almonds and raisin or vanilla with chocolate chip. In addition to the healthy bars, the range has been expanded with different variants of protein powders that, just like the bars, are packed with proteins and only natural ingredients. They come in various options such as Pea protein, Hemp protein or Rice protein and are the perfect addition to breakfast, smoothies or other recipes.  All products contain high quality protein for a quick supplement of proteins. The Pulsin protein bars are the ideal pre- and post-workout boosters and is also suitable as a healthy meal or  on-the-go. Not only for athletes, but also as a healthy snack!  Points of sale from Pulsin include the Albert Heijn, Etos or online at Body & fit shop. Look for the entire range at www.pulsin.co.uk.

Points of sales: include the Albert Heijn, Etos or online at Body & fit shop. Look for the entire range at www.pulsin.co.uk.

What role does House of Rebels play?

House of Rebels supports Pulsin in the field of PR and social media, in order to increase the brand awareness. The Rebels do this by proactively and reactively bringing Pulsin to the attention to our online and offline network, for example by sending out pressmessages and sending products for reviews. By creating beautiful content for the social media channels, we contribute to online visibility and a strong brand identity. See here the Instagram of Pulsin.  More information or a need for Social Media or a PR offensive? Contact us now.


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