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Treaclemoon is an English brand from origin with body care products in delicious scents en beautiful formulas, which make your skin feel silky soft. And all of these products have the cutest packaging so you can proudly display them in your bathroom. Every bottle is colourful and has funny, inspiring quotes on it, which makes every product an experience. The products are just ‘yummy’.


The brand sees it as their mission to make products that everyone finds amazing and loves to use. So the products are not only made to do the best for your skin but also to make you smile. The products look like candy and even smell like it, from ginger to marshmallow. If you’re looking for a tropical coconut scent or you rather want a warm cinnamon scent, Treaclemoon has it all!

Thanks to the large range of products of Treaclemoon, there is something for everyone. They have bath- and shower gel in various scents and colours. Also they sell body lotions, scrubs and even handcreme in cute packaging. The products are available at Etos and Albert Heijn.


The products of Treaclemoon are not tested on animals and besides that the products don’t contain any animal ingredients. This way the products are also suitable for vegetarians. And even though the products may look like candy and also smell like it, they cannot be eaten!

What role does House of Rebels have?

House of Rebels supports Treaclemoon with their social media. We create a corporate identity and provide a constant growth of followers and likes. We do this by creating our own content and being active on the different channels. This way we generate more brand awareness and visibility for Treaclemoon in The Netherlands.


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