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Organizational information Treets Traditions

Treets Traditions is a natural brand. The brand is inspired by immemorial caring traditions. Our ancestors only had the nature as a source of care. They retracted all of their knowledge about the beneficial and healing effects from flowers and herbs in the nature. By combining these extracts with the right ingredients, they found out that different skin conditions were treatable. These beautiful traditions come from the core of our existence and are transferred from generation to generation. This brings us here today where we still use these caring traditions.

Treets Traditions is active worldwide by enriching traditions with the knowledge we have now. This way we keep these immemorial traditions alive and they will be suitable for everyone.

What role does House of Rebels play?

House of Rebels takes care of the PR-support for Treets Traditions to generate more brand awareness in The Netherlands. Their newest product range ‘Pure Serenity’ is the main focus. Besides developing and sending the press releases we have also contacted some bloggers to review the new products. The products were received with a lot of excitement and that turned into some beautiful publications. This provided a nice boost in brand awareness and visibility for Treets Traditions because of the large amount of reach of the bloggers in our network.