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Bedrijfsinformatie Vanilla Venture

Since its founding in 1995, Vanilla Venture has been the market leader and leading supplier of high-quality gourmet products. Vanilla Venture offers delicacies and fresh products for the quality-conscious restorer. The company is one of the most specialized suppliers in the field of truffle, goose liver, vanilla, spices, charcuterie and oils. They  are constantly searching for undiscovered delicacies; preferably products with a special story. This is how they  purchase worldwide, mostly from small authentic producers and their search continues throughout the world. They are always delicacies at an exceptionally high level to create a unique impression and taste experience every time.

No matter how sustainable we want to work in our restaurant, our bistro or tapas bar, we can not escape the purchase of foreign specialties from countries such as Italy, Spain, France or, for example, from the Maghreb. Import is then inevitable. You will automatically end up with Vanilla Venture who are specialized in this.

 What role does House of Rebels play?

House of Rebels supports Vanilla Venture their beautiful brands with various PR projects and PR events. See below for more information about some of our projects.


Projecten voor Vanilla Venture