WOWN! - House of Rebels - Home fashion group 

Organizational information WOWN!

 Homefashion Group is a Dutch holding company for International residential Retail formats. Kwantum is part of the Homefashion Group and market leader in windows and floors. In the area of furniture, lighting and decoration Kwantum is an important volume player with collections on top of the trend and always for the lowest price. For example, Kwantum makes contemporary living accessible to everyone.


WOWN! is a completely new furniture brand, designed by three creative interior bloggers. The collections have a wide range of items, from tableware to wallpaper and from mirrors to carpets. The collection is available at Kwantum stores.


The interior bloggers Suzanne de Jong (&SUUS), Anki Wijnen (Zilverblauw) en Souraya Hassan (Binti Home) have joined forces for WOWN!. For years, they have worked very hard on their lifestyle and interior blogs and have grown into strong, recognizable brands. They wanted to take the next step for their brand, without making concessions to their reputation. Interior shop Kwantum believed in this concept and gave the three interior bloggers a carte blanche to design and facilitate their own collection in the production process. Kwantum because a teammate of WOWN! and therefore did something unique.


Anki, Suzanne and Souraya inspire hundreds of thousands of followers online every day with their unique view on design, interior and lifestyle. Their blogs have grown into fully-fledged brands that are run with passion and ambition. All three have designed their own recognizable collection for WOWN!.

What role does House of Rebels have?

On Tuesday, the 20th of February, guests could admire the entire WOWN! collection at the launch event which was organised by House of Rebels. The special day started off at a cinema where you could watch and listen to the surprising story behind the new interior brand WOWN!. Then the moment arrived where the three collections were shown to the public. With great enthusiasm, guests were allowed to choose a top 3 which they could fill out on their wishlist, to eventually receive one of these beautiful products. House of Rebels provides marketing and PR services for WOWN!.