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The power of free publicity (PR) is huge! What we hear from an authority in a particular area often has more value than an advertisement. With PR it’s all about bringing interesting news and having the relevant contacts in the right media. Due to years of experience House of Rebels has in the lifestyle industry, we built a valuable and extensive press network and we know the leading journalists. We know how to bring news in the right way and create news value in order for your company, brand, product or service to stand out in the relevant media titles.


Rebels get the most out of your PR budget!


House of Rebels increases awareness with PR for your brand, product or service. Our extensive network reaches both offline as online media, such as magazines, newspapers and TV. The challenge is to truly interest the media for the announcements and developments of a certain brand, product or service. Therefore, we develop creative and eye-catching PR campaigns and deliver the news in a personal way.


In addition, in today’s ’24hour online world’ every person who is posting, tweeting and chatting can be an interesting medium and can be used to build engagement with an audience. We also use our network for celebrity endorsement.

PR activities House of Rebels

PR launches

Do you have a new product or service that you want the world to know about? House of Rebels writes your press release and brings the news in the right way to the relevant media so that your brand, product or service gets noticed! Because no matter how good it is, your potential customers must first know about your product or service. PR plays a crucial role!


Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is hot nowadays. House of Rebels collaborates with many influencers based on PR but also as branded content or affiliate marketing. With branded content you can buy a sort of advertisement from the influencer were you can ask for specific mentions. With affiliate marketing the influencer can promote your product and will receive a fee when a product is sold. Read this blog about affiliate marketing, the system that you can integrate into your website and how you can easily integrate this into your marketingsystem.


Press and blogger events

House of Rebels regularly organizes press and blogger events for brands their relevant media target audience. We arrange everything from A to Z; the location, decoration, catering, the invitation process and the creative idea behind it. Everything with the same goal in mind: a lot of press attending and PR publications.


Media monitoring

With our large network, we draw extra attention to your product by the press. We do the follow up and monitor when your brand or product is visible in the offline and online media.

House of Rebels understands what the right PR and communication can do for your company and brand and focuses on a tangible result within a short period of time!


Imagine, be creative and stand out!

House of Rebels PR management:


  • PR launches and continuous PR support
  • Press releases
  • Editorial visits
  • Press events & press trips
  • Media monitoring
  • Interviews
  • Digital publication reports
  • Celebrity endorsement
  • Marketing collaborations
  • Media buying
  • Joint promotions
  • Reader giveaways in magazines
  • PR interim assignment

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Influencer and celebrity endorsement

We also use our extensive network for celebrity endorsement because building engagement with your audience, as a company, is very important. We always search for a natural match between brand and celebrity to keep it authentic. The celebrities provide the buzz in their social circles and with their followers.

Testimonial ESSIE
“In collaboration with House of Rebels we have been able to reach major key influencers and make them enthusiastic about the ESSIE brand. The celebrity endorsement project has resulted in many positive free publicity for the brand on social media. It was received as a best practice by L’Oréal International. Due to the large network of House of Rebels and the pro-active and creative attitude, they were the right party to fulfill this assignment.”

Annemiek Gierveld, Communications director L’Oréal