Rebel Report – The first PR-months of 2018

It is already mid-April and that means more than a quarter of a year has flown by. In these past months many nice things have taken place and there have also been a number of (positive!) changes at House of Rebels. We’d like to take you along our past three months!



We started the year well by organizing our House of Rebels press open day on February 13th. It was a great success and both influencers and customers were satisfied. At the event there were many gorgeous brands: Abloom, Vision, INIKA, DIY Soap, Stylerz24, Pilot, The Body Shop, Babita Versluis, Oh My Pie and Fever-Tree. Afterwards, everyone received a goodie bag and after two weeks everyone received a package containing products that were on their wishlist. Read the report about this successful day here!



This year many great publications of our brands have been released. Including a few outstanding ones that we are very proud of. For example, three of our beautiful brands: lavera, DIY Soap and The Body Shop were in the March edition of the Vriendin and we have achieved a good result for INIKA in the VOGUE April edition. We are only at a quarter of the year so hopefully that promises much for the rest of 2018! Do you want to stay up-to-date on all Rebel Results? Follow us on Instagram!


New Customers

To keep you up to date, we are proud to introduce a couple of new customers we have recently started to work for. Babita Versluis is one of the new customers and is a skincare and bodycare brand based on fragrances that she also releases in eau de toilettes. She also has two more brands, Nugi, an affordable variant of her product line and Babita Versluis Luxury, this is the very luxurious and exclusive product line of Babita. We do both PR and social media for Babita Versluis.


Besides Babita Versluis we also have another big new customer and this is Dermasence. This is originally German and is sold at the Pharmacy. It is a brand with all kinds of products for the skin with the focus on sensitivity and eczema. It is therefore sold in pharmacies and is more on the clinical side.


In addition to these two beautiful new brands, we have also started working for, among others, Stockon, Libeert and WOWN!. Do you want to know more about our customers? Read more here!


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