Rebel Report | HEALTH CAFÉ EVENT 2018

On January 23 2018, the House of Rebels team organized another incredibly informative Health Café at the Integral Medical Centre in Amsterdam. In the morning everything was explained about allergies and the treatment for them. The event was a collaboration between Vitals and the association of Mesology (NVVM). Do you want to know more about this day? Then read on!


Mesology & Vitals

Mesology is the mix of traditional medicine and complementary medicine. The aim is to implement mesology into your own balance and strength so that you can become and stay healthy. Vitals specializes in high-quality dietary supplements with natural ingredients which can support complementary medicine.


What happened?

An interesting presentation was given by health expert Han Siem (pharmacist and specialized in complementary medicine). Afterwards, there was plenty of time to ask questions. There was also a possibility for bloggers, vloggers and journalists to get to know the products of Vitals and the low-threshold and painless research method of Mesology.


The health Café in the news!

Once again, the Health Café was a success and the visitors learned a lot about allergies, Vitals and of course Mesology. The magazine Lijf & Gezondheid has written an incredibly fun and informative article after attending the Health Café. In the article allergy symptoms are discussed and also how Mesology can offer a solution for them. Furthermore, there is also an interesting case about a real-life situation and how the mesologist offers a solution. In addition, Haarlems Dagblad, Uitgeester Courant, De Jutter, and Heemskerkse Courant have also published an incredibly interesting article about allergies and the mesologist.


In the spotlight

The Rebels look back to a very successful event. We have put our brands in the spotlight. Furthermore, several successful publications have rolled out of it, which of course the Rebels think is great! We at House of Rebels are happy to do this for your brand or company! So do not hesitate to contact us.