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Being present on social media offers a lot of opportunities and advantages. You can’t manage to keep this up in a professional way, or is social media just not your thing?


Our Social REBELS know exactly how to effectively and efficiently use these tools for your brand! Besides the fact that nowadays no company can go without an online presence, social media is an easy and interesting way to interact with your target audience. And all that in a relatively simple and cheap way!


House of Rebels online services:

  • Social media strategy
  • Social media content creation
  • Image creation, photography
  • Community management
  • Advertising
  • Influencer marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Websites
  • CRM
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn

Online and social activities House of Rebels



When you use social media channels in the right way your fans and followers become your personal brand ambassadors who convince their network of the pros of your brand, product or service! A better word-of-mouth advertisement does not exist! Are you already ‘social’ than we can advise you on possible improvements to the current use of social media so that you end up generating more traffic to your website. House of Rebels can also report on the results your social media account is achieving. How many people do you reach in a week and which content is best for your target audience? And what fits your brand, product or service best? Based on our analysis we offer you a plan to increase your loyal followers and likes.


What are the results of your Facebook and Instagram and what do they do for your brand? How many people do you reach per week and which content do you send out? We will analyse this for you. Together we’ll make a plan to increase your loyal following and likes.


Not yet ‘social’? House of Rebels can set up your Facebook page or Instagram account and train you so that you can eventually manage your accounts yourself.



Would you rather leave the social media completely up to someone else? Our Social REBELS would gladly do the task for you! Based on your targets we create a plan that matches your brand and target audience in a visual and textual way. After that we’ll work on creating professional content to get a strong online presence. Of course the Social REBELS make sure that as many people as possible see, like and share this content. The result? A great online reputation and a network that proves its value for your brand on the long term.



House of Rebels is happy to develop a good website for your company that fits your positioning. A website is often the first ‘business card’ that your potential client sees. We can provide the entire process from the idea to the web texts and photographs for you. Fast, thorough and cost-efficient.

House of Rebels integrates your online presence into your total marketing strategy so that you leave the same impression online as offline with your potential customers and your results can be achieved faster.


Imagine, be creative and stand out!

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Testimonial website Covent Garden

“Thank you House of Rebels for our wonderful website. I loved working together with you. You sensed directly what look&feel I wanted for my website! Your advice and professionalism made that I blindly trusted you …. and the result speaks for itself! Online since yesterday and I’ve been getting loads of compliments. Thanks again … House of Rebels you’re a real professional!!”

Nicolette Manning, owner Covent Garden