Spotlight | Dermasence

Let’s welcome DERMASENCE to the Rebel family! This is our new customer, for which we have been providing full PR and social media since April this year!



DERMASENCE was founded in the German city of Münster in 1991 by five dermatologists and a pharmacist. With three employees employed and a large amount of passion and dedication the company started. The skincare brand has since grown into one of the leading brands in the medical skincare sector in Germany with 140 employees.


With their products already sold in Germany and Austria, DERMASENCE can also be found in Dutch pharmacies since the spring of 2017. DERMASENCE is very committed to their mission: ‘keep the skin healthy’. It is exclusively available at pharmacies. This is because customers receive specialized and professional advice here.


The beautiful skin care brand stands for the following: consistent orientation to different skin conditions, customized care and effective, high-quality ingredients.



The DERMASENCE range consists of no less than 50 products. This wide and extensive range ensures that all their customers receive the right care. DERMASENCE offers products that have been specially developed to improve all kinds of skin conditions, from acne and neurodermatitis to rosacea. In addition to these products, the brand also has a line with high-quality and effective products in the anti-aging segment.


In short, DERMASENCE has a suitable product for every skin type. In addition, the medical aspect of skincare is becoming increasingly important and that is why DERMASENCE is a nice addition to the Dutch market in skincare.



House of Rebels provides full PR and social media from Dermasence as full service PR & marketing agency. By bringing Dermasence to the attention in a reactive and proactive manner by means of press releases, press releases, desk visits and press briefings, we generate more visibility and name recognition. Curious about the social media channel? Take a look!