You probably know the phenomenon: Do It Yourself, also called DIY. Nowadays you can find a DIY everywhere on the internet. From pimping your just bought Ikea box to making your own scrub: it all exists. Because many beauty products contain all kinds of ingredients that are not good for your skin, the Do It Yourself principle in the beauty world is on the rise. Erica started her DIY Soap brand.


Erica’s eldest daughter has a very difficult and sensitive skin. No cream from a regular store worked for her. Erica therefore went in search of natural skin care and then came across homemade, natural cosmetics. Making a cream yourself is not a lot of work, but collecting all the necessary ingredients was quite a job. This gave Erica the idea for her DIY Soap brand. How easy would it be if you could create your own skin care at home, but all the ingredients were already collected for you and measured into the correct portions?


DIY Soap has grown into a beautiful brand with its own shop in the Van Woustraat in Amsterdam. Here the DIY packages are sold, but also ready-made products and individual ingredients. The skin care products from DIY Soap are perfect for any time of the year. For the cold and windy weather (this is often killing for your skin!), but also during hot days. To give your dry skin a boost during the winter you can rub yourself with the delicious, nourishing Body Cream. Do you want to prepare your skin for the summer days? Use one of the delicious scrubs for a beautiful, even complexion! DIY Soap also has delicious oils to pamper your skin, or use the delicious Face Cream to make your face shine again and the Lip Balm to make your lips kiss-proof again.


In addition to delicious, caring skin care products that you can make at home, DIY Soap also has very nice workshops! You can participate in a Simple Skin Care workshop and there is a special Valentine’s Workshop. Perfect to do as a couple for a romantic getaway. Or to receive as a gift of course (hint, hint …)! Do you want to stay informed about the developments of this fantastic brand? Follow DIY Soap here on Instagram!