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Spotlight | Schneider

Have you heard of Schneider's colourful kitchen appliances? They are real eye-catchers in retro look. Timeless design, beautiful lines, extravagant colons, but also energy-efficient performance and a high-quality finish combined with modern technology.   ON THE MENU Cool refrigerators Tasteful microwave ovens What an electric kettle Toaster...

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I Chloë, am investigating the psychological effect of influencer marketing, for my study Applied Psychology in collaboration with House of Rebels. Every month I will keep you informed about the developments and findings of the research. This time I am asking the question: 'why do...

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Spotlight | Dermasence

Let’s welcome DERMASENCE to the Rebel family! This is our new customer, for which we have been providing full PR and social media since April this year!   ORIGIN DERMASENCE DERMASENCE was founded in the German city of Münster in 1991 by five dermatologists and a pharmacist. With...